Full Range develops game changing maintenance program!

Full Range develops game changing maintenance program!

Patient engagement and reduced insurance costs for aging adults in Greater Philadelphia Area.

Drexel Hill, PA (June 19, 2018) – Full Range Health Services, a locally owned home healthcare and outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy company, has released their maintenance program to the area!  After months of data collection and comparison to average therapy uses, their new development seeks to fill the need for a financially responsible maintenance program for chronic conditions that the aging population is faced with.  Comparing to the current model of therapy, Full Range’s Therapy Care Management program has been shown to save up to 60% of therapy utilization costs while delivering a regular visit pattern, formal assessment, and plan of care adjustment over a longer period of time.

Therapy Care Management is an ongoing maintenance therapy model that provides continued care for patients dealing with chronic conditions. These conditions include progressive neurological diseases, arthritis, back pain, and more!  Historically, plans of care for physical therapy include a high frequency, such as 3 times per week, for 8 to 12-week time frames.  These plans often end with home exercise plans due to insurance limitations or plateaued progress.  Many of these patients need additional care, so they will “take a break’, but then return a month or 2 later.  With this process, patients could receive up to 3 plans of care per year, including up to 72 visits.

Therapy Care Management’s primary goal is to identify needs before they become life changing, including falls or fractures.  Full Range has developed a multifactorial assessment that takes into account the whole patient, not just a few physical areas.  In comparison to current service delivery, Therapy Care Management could save up to 60%, reducing costs from $11,988 to $4,7521 per year for each patient.

The cost reduction is achieved by performing monthly patient follow-up assessments with formal screening and evaluation procedures.  The outcomes of each session are compared to the previous session to see if the patient is maintaining their current status, improving, or declining.  Once a decline is identified, skilled care is resumed to return the patient to their prior level of function.

Additionally, Therapy Care Management has also seen a slight improvement in patient outcomes from assessment to assessment.  While there is no way to be sure of why this occurs, Full Range Owner and CEO, Michael McDevitt, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, believes it is “because nobody wants to get worse.  And when we know that someone will be checking on us, we are more inclined to stick with the plan.  In other words, the accountability is passed on to our patients and they are excelling!”

To learn more about Therapy Care Management, visit https://www.fullrangept.com/tcm/ 


About Full Range Health Services

Full Range Health Services is dedicated to providing quality health and wellness services by promoting and encouraging individual achievement through a healthy lifestyle. By providing convenient outpatient locations and house call services to local communities, Full Range puts the patient back at the center of healthcare.  To learn more about Full Range’s approach to patient-centered healthcare, visit www.fullrangehealth.org 

Since opening in 2014, Full Range has grown to 3 outpatient clinic locations, a licensed 5 star rated home health agency, and offer house calls in 6 counties, and have passionate clinicians including nurses,  physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists. With a goal of offering convenient, individualized care, Full Range has developed a unique practice model with the ability to serve patients throughout their lifespan.

1Numbers based on 3.7 treatment codes per visit at $30 per code of reimbursement.

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