Fall Prevention

Full Range Fall Prevention Initiative

Our Fall Prevention Initiative is a perfect combination of education, engagement, and assessment!  Our goal is to raise awareness of potential factors that contribute to increased fall risk.  See below for details on each part of our program.

Educational Event

An educational event is designed to engage your group!  We discuss details and descriptions of falls, risk factors of falls, consequences of falls, and methods to decrease the risk.  We also review our proprietary Fall Risk Assessment.

Proprietary Assessment

Our proprietary assessment looks at multiple factors that contribute to an increase in fall risk.  We take into account vital signs, vision, cognition, medication, strength, flexibility, and more.  Our assessment is a one-of-a-kind method to gauge your risk of falls.

Physician Contact

Keeping your family doctor involved is key!  We will provide your family  doctor with a copy of your completed Full Range Fall Assessment.  You assessment will be complete with a score and recommendations.

Program Description

Our Fall Prevention Initiative starts with an interactive educational event, followed by a multifactorial screen, and is completed with physician communication.

The assessment results in a risk score determining a low, moderate, or high fall risk and a list of recommendations to decrease the risk.  Recommendations may include services, equipment, home safety recommendations, and more.

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